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2018 AP Exam Dates May 7-18

Below, find Registration Info and Links, and see FAQ section!

Every student registered for an AP exam will receive a letter in his/her AP class on Thursday, MAY 3.  You can access this letter and a schedule outlining AP exam dates, times, and locations by clicking on the following link:  Letter Outlining AP Procedures

Download the 2018 AP exam schedule: Page 10 in "Bulletin" below for tests and testing dates.


Registration link

Other Helpful Links:

Free and Reduced Lunch Verification Form

Download Bulletin for AP Students and Parents 2017 – 2018

AP Exam Accommodations for Students with Disabilities 


Students with documented disabilities may be eligible for accommodations on AP Exams.  However:

  • In order to take an AP Exam with accommodations, a student must be approved by the College Board's Services for Students with Disabilities office. 
  • Having an IEP or 504 Plan does not automatically constitute authorization for testing accommodations (AP Manual 2018).

If you think you may be eligible, visit www.collegeboard.org/ssd for more information then see school psychologist Ms. Hernandez in Hall 1 immediately for help with submitting your request to the College Board.

The deadline for submitting requests for accommodations is February 23, 2018.

2018 AP Exam Registration Information

  • Registration Link
  • Enter your email address (any will do).
  • Create a password.
  • This enables you to log in later if needed to amend your registration before the March 23rd  deadline.

If you have a problem registering, please email Ms. Violette, AP Coordinator, at sviolett@osd.wednet.edu right away!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Resources are available to help pay for exams? 

  • Students who qualify for free/reduced lunch pay only $10 per exam. Form is required (link is above). 

What if I don’t qualify for the fee reduction but still can’t afford to pay for the exam(s)?

  • See Ms. Violette (AP coordinator) or Principal Matt Grant and explain your situation.
  • We may be able to help you offset the costs, depending on your circumstances.

What if I don’t want to spend $94 per exam?

  • In the long run, you could be saving yourself and your family a significant amount of money.
  • $94 -- instead of the cost of tuition for a college class -- is a HUGE savings.

Why take an AP Exam ?

  • Earn college credit.
  • Skip that 100 level college class (Advanced placement in college).
  • Leave more room in your college schedule for high-interest classes.
  • Be competitive!  Colleges question your follow through/ability in a subject if you take the AP course but do not have test scores.
  • Cancel your scores if necessary.  If you don’t do as well as you thought you might, it won’t go on your transcript and you can always cancel your scores.
  • Graduate college early and start your career sooner.

What if the colleges I’ve applied to won’t offer credit for AP exams?

  • Thousands of schools worldwide accept AP exam scores of 3 or higher for credit or advanced placement.
  • Even if your school won’t accept it:
    • You may want to transfer later.
    • You can see how you compare with students nationally.
    • You wanted a challenge or you wouldn’t have taken the class; why not see what you’re made of?