Student Policies & Codes

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Olympia High School Dress Code

Due to our concern for students and staff of the Olympia High School learning community, we strive to foster an environment that is safe, healthy, conducive to teaching and learning, and promotes the dignity of all students.

Some popular fashion marketed to young people does not contribute to a productive educational atmosphere. Student dress should be compatible with an educational setting—rather than an off-campus social setting. Students may express inpiduality in their dress and grooming as long as their appearance does not cause a disruption, or has the potential to cause a disruption, to the educational process for themselves, other students, or staff.

In an effort to maintain a safe and academic focus we ask that the young men and women attending Olympia High School adhere to the following guidelines.

Please do not wear clothing or display emblems or accessories that:

• Demean/degrade inpiduals or groups of people;
• Promote violence or illegal activity (e.g., weapons; alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use);
• Exhibit sexual innuendoes, blatant sexual messages, vulgarity, and/or profanity;
• Are determined to be affiliated with gangs, including bandanas, and otherwise determined by local law enforcement.

In addition:

• Shoes or sandals must be worn at all times;
• Undergarments (and clothing worn as undergarments) must be covered by outerwear;
• Clothing should cover the students’ back, shoulders, chest, and midriff;
• Skirts and shorts should be mid-thigh length or longer.

The OHS administration and staff appreciate the cooperation of students and parents in reviewing the students’ dress to meet established guidelines. If a student’s dress or appearance is such that it constitutes a threat to the health or safety of others, distracts the attention of other students or staff from their work or otherwise violates this dress code, the principal or the principal’s designee may require the student to change his or her dress or appearance. A second or repeated violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action in accordance with school policy and procedures.

Dress Code Illustration. Text included in Long Description.